Welcome Aboard!

We are an aviation air charter company that delivers premium quality services. 

Kasas is an aviation air charter company, operating from Wilson Airport Kenya. We focus on providing premium quality services, tailored to specific air transport requirements.

Who we are

Kasas is a general aviation air charter and contract operator focused on providing premium quality services. These are tailored to specific air transport requirements. Our versatile fleet allows us to cover a wide range of mission profiles, including flights catering to the needs of the humanitarian and relief agency needs, as well as for the corporate and tourism sectors.

Operating from Wilson Airport, our main geographical areas of operation are East and Central Africa with flights extending into the rest of Africa, the Middle East and southern Europe.

Air Charter

We deliver customized air charter services tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Quality & Safety

Our approved quality system that runs comprehensive auditing programs.


Our well established engineering department meticulously ensures superior quality maintenance.

Why Kasas?

Kasas has a team of experience professionals who work round the clock to ensure that we not only meet but exceed your expectations. 

Safety and Security

We conduct frequent diagnostic and maintenance procedures to guarantee the safety and efficiency of our aircraft. 

Personalized Services

We are a client-centric company with our functions built around the client’s requirements.

Efficiency and Reliability

We take pride in the reliability of our diverse range of air charter services.